Introducing PLAYBOOKSM

Our new product, tailored specifically to your company’s circumstances, will enable your team to anticipate challenges and move proactively to stay ahead.  

How It Works

PLAYBOOK consists of three interactive, face to face or video conference discussions conducted over the course of one year with PilieroMazza attorneys and professionals and your management team.
Your company selects two sessions from the current list of six and based on what we learn, we will work with your team to decide on a third session. 
These sessions are conducted by our top talent and blend all of our practice areas to provide comprehensive advice for your business needs.


Mapping Your Company's Smart Growth


Managing Employee Complaints in the Age of Whistleblowers

♦   Explore your company’s short and long term goals.
♦   Discuss how to approach milestones.
♦   Analyze corporate actions and strategies to help reach your goals.
♦   Identify hidden costs of growth.
♦   Discuss strategies for smart growth, whether you are still growing, facing midsize or currently midsize.
  ♦  Identify best practices in employee complaint management.
♦  Discuss how to conduct investigations and how to move ahead with necessary employment actions.
♦  Examine whether adjustments should be made to company operating procedures to reduce your risk. 

Incentivizing and Protecting your Workforce


Getting to Yes: How to Succeed in a Dispute with the Government

♦  Explore how you can keep your top talent on board through times of growth and change to protect continuity and profitability.
♦  Discuss if the tools you are currently using are effective — the best way to prevent an employee
from leaving is to make it worth their while to stay.
♦  We will discuss how to protect your clients, contracts, and intellectual property when an employee leaves the company.
  ♦  Examine how to protect your business should issues arise such as;
changes in scope of work, modification of terms and conditions, funding issues, and prevailing wage adjustments.
♦  Discuss how to file claims, REAs, or price adjustments in an amicable manner to mitigate issues.
♦  Handling claims as or from a subcontractor.
♦  Learn what costs can be recovered.

Considering a Sale or Acquisition 


Contract Checkup

♦  How to make your company an attractive target given the current procurement environment.
♦  Possible deal structures.
♦  What to expect from due diligence.
♦  Financing options.
♦  Considerations of any small business or socio-economic issues.
  ♦  Examine your agreements, especially if you pull out the same templates over and over for use with teaming partners, clients, vendors, and employees.
♦  Discuss possible compliance issues.
♦  Develop best practices in relationship management and how to protect your investments.
♦  Plan how to effectively resolve conflicts and minimize damages.

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