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Three Indicators You Need an OCI Mitigation Plan

November 1, 2018
The risk of an organizational conflict of interest ("OCI")—either perceived or actual—strikes fear in the heart of many a government contractor. An OCI may result in disqualification from a procurement, an adverse bid protest decision, or termination of a contract. Although that can be unnerving, in many cases, an OCI is mitigatable if the contractor implements measures to avoid, neutralize, or mitigate the conflict. At the same time, it is critical to implement a mitigation plan early on. For this reason, contractors should be aware of signs that a contract could give rise to a perceived or actual OCI.

How a CTA Can Help You Qualify for Government Contracts

September 17, 2018
You may have heard of Contractor Team Arrangements ("CTA") that can be used to pursue General Services Administration ("GSA") Schedule contract opportunities, but do you know how a CTA can maximize your ability to qualify for government contracts? CTAs are distinct from traditional prime contractor-subcontractor relationships and joint ventures, and they provide different methods for making your company a more attractive offeror.
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