Managing Partner

Pamela J. Mazza
Pamela J. MazzaSee Bio


Isaias "Cy"  Alba IV
Isaias "Cy" Alba IVSee Bio
Nichole D. Atallah
Nichole D. AtallahSee Bio
Megan C. Connor
Megan C. ConnorSee Bio
Matthew E. Feinberg
Matthew E. FeinbergSee Bio
Peter B. Ford
Peter B. FordSee Bio
Antonio R. Franco
Antonio R. FrancoSee Bio
Kathryn L. Hickey
Kathryn L. HickeySee Bio
Jon  Williams
Jon WilliamsSee Bio


Paul W. Mengel III
Paul W. Mengel IIISee Bio
Stephanie K. Wood
Stephanie K. WoodSee Bio


Jason A. Blindauer
Jason A. BlindauerSee Bio
Lauren  Brier
Lauren BrierSee Bio
Samuel S. Finnerty
Samuel S. FinnertySee Bio
Justin  Haselden
Justin HaseldenSee Bio
Camilla J. Hundley
Camilla J. HundleySee Bio
Matthew E. Kreiser
Matthew E. KreiserSee Bio
Meghan F. Leemon
Meghan F. LeemonSee Bio
Francis G. Massaro
Francis G. MassaroSee Bio
Sarah L. Nash
Sarah L. NashSee Bio
Sara  Nasseri
Sara NasseriSee Bio
Jonathan  Pomerance
Jonathan PomeranceSee Bio
Melissa M. Rodriguez
Melissa M. RodriguezSee Bio
Patrick T. Rothwell
Patrick T. RothwellSee Bio
Emily J. Rouleau
Emily J. RouleauSee Bio
David T. Shafer
David T. ShaferSee Bio
Jacqueline K. Unger
Jacqueline K. UngerSee Bio
Timothy F. Valley
Timothy F. ValleySee Bio
Anna R. Wright
Anna R. WrightSee Bio
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