PilieroMazza delivered a victory for a client challenging an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract award, which resulted in a reevaluation of proposals and ultimately a contract award for our client. The Department of State had awarded our client’s competitors two contracts for long- and short-term temporary housing. The GAO agreed with PilieroMazza’s contention that the agency misevaluated our client’s proposal by improperly applying unstated evaluation criteria in its evaluation and by using perceived weaknesses in less important evaluation factors to assess weaknesses in unrelated factors. The GAO also agreed with PilieroMazza’s contention that the State Department evaluated offerors disparately by finding weaknesses in our client’s proposal that were unnoted in one of the awardee’s proposals. The GAO sustained the protest, holding that the State Department had unreasonably evaluated proposals and recommending that our client’s proposal be reevaluated and that it receive the costs incurred in its protest. After corrective action, the State Department made new awards, including one to our client.

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