Gain a Competitive Advantage with a Cybersecurity Compliance Check-Up

Cybersecurity remains a key concern for Congress, federal agencies, and contractors. This issue will only intensify in 2019 as DoD moves forward with cybersecurity as the fourth pillar of its acquisition decision-making. Civilian agencies are increasingly following DoD’s lead by including cybersecurity as an evaluation factor in solicitations and contract awards.

By the time a solicitation is issued with a cyber-focused evaluation factor, or a requirement to include your system security plan in your proposal, it may be too late to address the requirements for that contract. Your opportunities with prime contractors could also be at risk if you can’t assure them that your cybersecurity practices are compliant. 

Cybersecurity is not just a compliance issue – it affects your competitive advantage in the pursuit of work in the federal space.

PM’s Cybersecurity Compliance Check-Up will help you—it’s a quick flat-rate assessment to show:
   •  Which federal cybersecurity requirements apply to your company
   •  Your company’s current level of compliance
   •  Steps to take to fill in gaps in your current cybersecurity practices

The goal of the Check-Up is to help you gain confidence that your current compliance program is on the right track, or actionable steps to improve your cybersecurity practices to comply with federal requirements and get an edge over your competitors that remain behind the cyber curve.
Contact Jon Williams or David Shafer to learn more and to sign up for the PilieroMazza Cybersecurity Compliance Check-Up. 

Jon Williams

Dave Shafer
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