The Impacts of Foreign Ownership, Control, or Influence on Federal Government Contractors

Date / Time:

August 1, 2023 / 10:00 am ET

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Maryland APEX Accelerator Webinar


Maryland APEX Accelerator




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U.S. government contractors require access to all manner of controlled information, from classified information to export-restricted items and data.  However, foreign ownership, control, or influence (FOCI) can put federal contracts at risk unless adequate safeguards are in place to protect America’s national security interests. This webinar—presented by Cy Alba, Practice Group Chair of PilieroMazza’s Government Contracts Group—offers important insights on FOCI and its impact on a contractor’s ability to bid for and maintain a federal contract.

Learning objectives include:

  • understanding Foreign Ownership, Control, or influence;
  • impact of FOCI on contractors holding controlled information, export restrictions, and classified materials; and
  • FOCI’s effect on mergers and acquisitions.