PilieroMazza successfully appealed SBA’s denial of Gemini 3 Group, Inc.’s (“G3G”) application for the 8(a) program. G3G’s owner had argued, in submitting her 8(a) application, that she was socially disadvantaged due to the gender bias she had faced throughout her career. The SBA disagreed that she was socially disadvantaged, because she did not belong to any of the groups presumed to be socially disadvantaged under SBA’s 8(a) regulations, and denied her 8(a) application, in part, on that basis. PilieroMazza assisted G3G with its request for reconsideration of its 8(a) application, and was able to successfully argue that SBA ignored, overlooked, and rejected relevant evidence in the record, failed to take reasonable inferences showing gender discrimination, and offered only vague or conclusory remarks in dismissing several incidents of discrimination that G3G’s owner reported. We were also able to demonstrate that G3G had the potential for success, given the owner’s qualifications, the Company’s financial health and successful record of performance on federal contracts. G3G was admitted to the 8(a) Program as a result.

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