16.207 – Firm-Fixed-Price, Level-of-Effort Term Contracts

Date / Time:

September 11, 2024 / 12:00 pm ET

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In this bi-weekly program, our experts will select and introduce to you -in a practical way- some of the most important but often misused FAR contract clauses in an easy-to-digest 60 minute webinars. Some of those clauses in particular, those set forth in FAR Part 52, without doubt establish a critical foundation in every Federal Government Contract. You might even say they’re the “Force” that binds a contract together! Thus, mastering when, how, and even if certain clauses should be referenced or used is a goal all should try to achieve. But due to the intimidation caused by the complexity of these clauses, that goal is often seen as impossibly out-of-reach. PCI and their expert FAR Clause Masters are ready to raise the level of your mindfulness and acumen of the FAR in a unique way. Please note this session is part of the 2024 Annual Subscription, which is comprised of 20 short, focused sessions.