Sustainable Procurement: A Closer Look at the New Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)

Click  here  to view the recorded session. In recent years, the U.S. government made sustainability a priority in its procurement practices. To accomplish this goal, the FAR Council published a new final rule, primarily addressing sustainability practices and enforcing agency obligations to procure sustainable products and services. As a way to aid federal government contractors prepare for these potential challenges and opportunities,  PilieroMazza’s   Katie Burrows  and  Eric Valle —attorneys in the firm’s Government Contracts Group—present this webinar covering all you need to know. Learning objectives . . . Read More

Common Scenarios Triggering False Claims Act Violations, Part 3: Claims and Investigations

Click here to view the recorded session. In the highly regulated world of government contracting, strict adherence to compliance obligations and the ability to identify and manage associated risks are essential. This is the third and final webinar in  PilieroMazza’s  FCA series, where  Matt Feinberg  and  Mark Rosenow  discuss best practices for curtailing investigations and tactical approaches to potential litigation. Learning objectives include: Identifying specific FCA risks for government contractors. Creating contingency plans and compliance programs to mitigate FCA risks. How to respond when faced with . . . Read More

Common Scenarios Triggering False Claims Act Violations, Part 2: Construction and Workforce Issues

Click  here  to view the recorded session. In the second installment of our three-part webinar series, join  PilieroMazza’s   Matt FeinbergJessica duHoffmann,  and  Sarah Nash  as they explore common FCA triggers often encountered by federal construction contractors and protection strategies to avoid them. Federal construction contractors—both primes and subs—should be wary as they face a higher risk of FCA liability due to the complicated nature of construction contracts, prevailing wage obligations, and performance of work requirements. PilieroMazza attorneys are seeing a substantial increase in investigations dealing . . . Read More

Common Scenarios Triggering False Claims Act Violations, Part 1: Government Contracts and Cybersecurity

Click  here  to view the recorded session. As federal and state governments intensify their efforts on fraud detection and prevention, and with substantial financial rewards encouraging whistleblowers to share insider information with authorities, the FCA has become a more powerful tool against government contractors. In the first part of this three-part webinar series,  PilieroMazza’s   Matt FeinbergCy Alba , and  Jackie Unger  discuss common scenarios in federal procurement contracts and cybersecurity that could lead to FCA violations. Learning objectives include: What are ways companies can violate . . . Read More

Preparing for Major Changes to DOT’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program Effective May 9, 2024

Click here to view the recorded session. The Department of Transportation (DOT) recently published a final rule making significant changes to the agency’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program which take effect on May 9. The rule aims to improve the inclusion of small, disadvantaged businesses in infrastructure opportunities; reduce burdens on DBE firms and recipients; foster the growth of DBE firms; and improve DBE Program integrity, among other things. To help prime contractors and subcontractors who participate, or are considering participating, . . . Read More

PilieroMazza Annual Review: Lessons from 2023 Contract Claims and Appeals Decisions Affect Approach to 2024 Cases

Click here to view the recorded session. From adjustments to terminations, it’s important for government contractors to understand lessons learned from 2023 contract claims and appeals decisions and how these decisions could affect their approach to cases in 2024. Don’t miss this insightful webinar as Lauren Brier  and  Jon Neri —attorneys in  PilieroMazza’s   REAs, Claims, and AppealsConstruction ; and  Government Contracts  practice groups—as they delve into pivotal contract claims and appeals decisions that unfolded in 2023 and uncover how they are poised to reshape government procurement in the years to . . . Read More

New Wave of Pay Transparency Requirements Affects Employers and Federal Contractors

Click  here  to view the recorded session. A growing patchwork of state pay transparency laws is placing additional requirements on employers. At least five states and the District of Columbia have now enacted pay transparency laws requiring employers to disclose salary ranges in job postings, among other things. On the federal level, the FAR Council recently issued a proposed rule requiring federal contractors to disclose expected salary ranges in job postings as part of the Biden administration’s heightened efforts to boost . . . Read More

PilieroMazza Annual Review: What DOJ’s Annual FCA Report Means for Government Contractors

Click  here  to view the recorded session. The False Claims Act remains an effective enforcement tool for the Justice Department, obtaining judgments over $10 Billion in the last three fiscal years combined. While the FCA remains the primary vehicle for the government to recover funds obtained by fraud or a material misrepresentation, what trends and mitigation strategies should government contractors know now to better prepare for FCA enforcement in the future? Join  Matt Feinberg  and  Jackie Unger —attorneys from PilieroMazza’s  False Claims Act  and  Audits & Investigation teams —reveal key takeaways from . . . Read More

PilieroMazza Annual Review: Key Insights from Recent Bid Protest Decisions Reshape Strategies for Future Government Contractor Success

Click here to view the recorded session.  Bid protests play a crucial role in the federal procurement process. Whether you’re submitting a proposal, filing a protest, or defending your contract award, bid protest rulings can influence not just your current contract but also future outcomes and the broader award process. Decisions made in 2023 are no different. They have ramifications that extend beyond 2023, affecting aspects like submission deadlines and the burden of proof for protesters. 2023 decisions illustrate important considerations . . . Read More

Successor Government Contractor Hiring Obligations Change: DOL’s Long Awaited Nondisplacement Rule Effective February 12, 2024

Click  here  to view the recorded session. On December 14, 2023, the Department of Labor published a Final Rule implementing Executive Order 14055, Nondisplacement of Qualified Workers Under Service Contracts, effective February 12, 2024. The rule establishes that when a service contract with the government expires and a follow-on contract is awarded, the successor contractor or subcontractor hires or offers the right of first refusal to the predecessor’s employees, preventing disruptions in federal services. The Final Rule contains a number of . . . Read More