Bidding for Major Contracts? Compliance Requirements You Should Prepare for Now

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April 7, 2022 / 2:00 pm ET

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PilieroMazza Webinar


PilieroMazza PLLC




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A well-shaped bidding strategy is key to winning federal contracts, and securing a major contract creates an ongoing growth opportunity for your business. But to get in the game and win, you must know the rules. There are many areas where your business must carefully track regulatory compliance to compete in the federal marketplace. And the government’s complicated nest of regulations only continues to grow.

Join Cy Alba and Meghan Leemon, attorneys in PilieroMazza’s Government Contracts Group, for a high-level briefing on compliance requirements your business must meet to compete for—and win—major contracts. They’ll cover:

  • structuring, registering, and certifying your business;
  • partnering with other businesses and subcontracting to compete;
  • pre-planning and pre-structuring MP relationships and joint ventures
  • reviewing and preparing for solicitation requirements; and
  • tips for avoiding key compliance pitfalls.