Return to Work: Not Business As Usual

Date / Time:

September 9, 2020 / 1:30 pm ET

Event Type:


Event Name:

The HUBZone Small Business Virtual Summit




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As employers and the government increasingly require employees to return to the workplace, there are important steps employers need to take in order to protect themselves from liability and to ensure they recoup the increased costs associated with safely returning. In this session, PilieroMazza Partner Nichole Atallah, who leads the Firm’s Labor & Employment Group, will focus on preparing employers to make these important decisions.

Learning objectives include:

  • Understanding the legal requirements employers need to consider.
  • Considering policies and procedures employers need to implement before their employees step back into the workplace.
  • Considering requirements the government client is imposing and the associated costs.
  • Understanding what employers have to do versus what they should be doing.
  • Determining whether changes to your operations or the government’s operations may position you to file a claim for costs.