Risk Prevention Strategies: Responding Effectively to Internal Workplace Complaints

Date / Time:

June 1, 2021 / 2:00 pm ET

Event Type:

PilieroMazza Webinar




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An employer’s response to an employee complaint can mean the difference between an employee who files a lawsuit and one who doesn’t, even if they do not always get the answer they want to hear. Determining which complaints require a simple response and which require a more complete investigation is also critical. Responding with knowledge, care, understanding, and confidentiality, to the extent possible, promotes employee stability and a positive work environment while minimizing legal liability.

Join Nichole Atallah and Matt Kreiser, attorneys in PilieroMazza’s Labor & Employment and Litigation & Dispute Resolution groups, for a webinar on responding to internal workplace complaints. They’ll cover:

  • common types of employee complaints;
  • the legal protections afforded to complaining employees;
  • tips for effectively responding to complaints;
  • determining when to investigate; and
  • how an effective response affects your bottom line.