Succeeding in Government Small Business Contracting: Subcontracting, Mentor / Protege, and Teaming Agreements

Date / Time:

November 17, 2020 / 12:00 pm ET

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The Succeeding in Government Small Business Contracting Series covers various issues pertaining to small business contracting and subcontracting programs implemented through the federal procurement process.  It covers the complex rules that apply when a federal procurement is set-aside, in whole or in part, for small business; when a large contractor subcontracts with small business; and when a small business prime contractor needs to subcontract work to be able to perform a U.S. Government set-aside contract.  The series also covers the unique requirements for compliance with the various small business rules. The “Subcontracting, Mentor / Protege, and Teaming Agreements” session will cover:

  • Subcontracting Goals
  • Subcontracting Plans
  • Joint Ventures & Teaming Agreements
  • Mentor/Protege Programs
  • Disputes
  • Intellectual Property