When looking to make an investment in or purchase a small business contractor, it is critical to understand the potential impact of your corporate strategy under SBA’s small business rules. SBA has a unique rule called the “present effect rule” which can create adverse consequences for mergers and acquisitions, stock options, and convertible securities – even before the transaction is finalized or the option is exercised. 

Our Business & Transactions practice group helps clients to develop and implement a variety of corporate strategies. For example, we often help clients navigate mergers and acquisitions for growth (or exit) strategies. It is also common for us to work with contractors that are looking to bring on a new investor, or make an investment in another business, in exchange for debt that is convertible into securities. Another popular area of corporate planning involves creating incentives for key employees, such as phantom equity plans and stock options. Therefore, when considering these corporate strategies, it is critical to be mindful of SBA’s present effect rule and plan early to mitigate the potential consequences of the rule.
Join Jon Williams from our Government Contracts Group and Kimi Murakami from our Business and Corporation Group for an informative webinar on this topic. This webinar will explore SBA’s present effect rule, how it impacts mergers and acquisitions, stock options, and convertible securities, and provide tips on how to successfully plan in advance when considering these corporate strategies. 

 Date:  Thursday, May 24, 2018
 Time:  2:00 pm to 3:00 pm ET
 Cost:  Free