Drafting a proposal in response to a federal solicitation can be a challenging task. This process becomes even more difficult when the terms of the solicitation are ambiguous, restrictive, or simply incorrect. As a contractor, there are strategies you can employ to try to address these issues. One underutilized strategy is a pre-award protest challenging the terms of a solicitation.

When used correctly, a pre-award protest could result in changes to problematic solicitation terms and may provide offerors extra time to submit a proposal. Challenging an unreasonable solicitation pre-award is particularly important, as a post-award protest of a solicitation provision will usually be dismissed as untimely. For this reason and more, a pre-award protest is a tool that all government contractors should keep in mind while drafting proposals and reviewing solicitations. 

Join Michelle Litteken and Tim Valley, attorneys in our Government Contracts group this informative webinar where they will discuss key strategies, common protest grounds, and best practices for pre-award protests. 
Topics will include:
  • Effectively using the questions & answers process and other pre-proposal submissions;
  • Pre-award protest arguments, including last-minute amendments, unduly restrictive terms, ambiguous provisions, and improprieties; 
  • When and where to file a pre-award protest; and
  • Recent developments in pre-award protests.  


 Date:  Wednesday, June 13, 2018
 Time:  2:00 pm to 2:45 pm ET
 Cost:  Free