John Klein and Sam Le of SBA and Pam MazzaJon Williams, and Kathryn Hickey of PilieroMazza PLLC 


        The Paycheck Protection Program: SBA’s John Klein and Sam Le Answer Your Questions in a Live Town Hall Webinar

Date / Time:

        May 4, 2020 / 2:00 PM ET




        PilieroMazza PLLC




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With the government’s second round of funding relief for small businesses underway through SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program, small businesses have legitimate concerns about not receiving much-needed funding.  How can you be confident your company’s need for the loan is sufficient to certify “necessity”?  What are SBA’s affiliation rules for eligibility?  How much government scrutiny will the loan place on a business that receives the loan?  Should you take advantage of the Safe Harbor and pay back the loan by May 7th?  Will forgiveness of your PPP loan result in price adjustments on your government contracts?

These questions and more will be answered live by SBA’s John Kleinand Sam Le on Monday, May 4th at 2 PM ET as PilieroMazza’s Jon Williams and Kathryn Hickey host a one-hour, town-hall-style Q&A webinar.  The Firm’s Managing Partner Pam Mazza will make introductions.  Please visit this link o register.

To increase the likelihood that your questions are answered, we ask that you send your questions to [email protected] by Friday, May 1st, at 5 PM ET.