The risk of an organizational conflict of interest (OCI) – either perceived or actual – strikes fear in the heart of many government contractors. An OCI may result in disqualification from a procurement, a bid protest overturning a contract award, or termination of a contract. However, in many cases, an OCI can be mitigated if a contractor proactively implements an OCI mitigation plan. The mitigation and avoidance measures provided for in the plan must be tailored to address the requirements in the relevant contract(s) and the type(s) of OCIs presented. Although this may seem like a daunting task, OCI mitigation is achievable, and successful mitigation of OCIs may enable a contractor to continue to serve its agency customers—and potentially expand its portfolio. 

Let us help you understand how to overcome OCIs by learning what is required to develop a mitigation plan. Join Tony Franco and Michelle Litteken of our Government Contracts group for this webinar to learn about the types of OCIs and what is required to mitigate them. Topics and questions to be addressed include:

  • The three types of OCIs
  • Identifying an OCI
  • Strategies to mitigate the various types of OCIs
  • Key elements in an OCI mitigation plan
  • Special concerns for subcontractors and affiliates

    Wednesday, November 7, 2018
Time:    2:00 -3:00 PM ET
Cost:    Free

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