Jon Williams was recently published in Federal News Network with an article on a flawed insourcing strategy by the VA for critical medical devices. In February 2019, Jon wrote in Federal News Network about the VA’s plans to insource the warehousing and distribution of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices and related supplies that are used to treat a rapidly-growing number of veterans with respiratory disabilities. While VA’s goal to improve veteran healthcare in sleep therapy is laudable, Jon wrote about why the VA is going about it the wrong way.  Jon’s latest article discusses several recent government audit reports that reached a similar conclusion as Jon did in his February 2019 article:  to solve the challenges facing VA in sleep therapy acquisitions, VA needs to focus on investing in people and technology, not warehousing and logistics.  Please click here for Jon’s latest article in Federal News Network or click the download button below for a plain text version.  For Jon’s February 2019 article, please click here