In a March 27, 2020 blog, “How Will COVID-19 Change How You Conduct Business?” by Courtney Fairchild of Global Services, PilieroMazza’s Jon Williams advises “all federal contractors to take time to fully understand their rights and obligations under their contracts, communicate with their agency customers, and document all of the impacts that they are facing as a result of COVID-19.” He goes on to say that “Contractors may be entitled to equitable adjustment and claims based on delays and increased costs of performance, but to consult an advisor before making a move, as every contractor’s situation is different.” Please visit this link to read the full blog.

Jon Williams is a Partner in PilieroMazza’s Government Contracts and Small Business Programs & Advisory Services practice groups.  For more on the Firm’s response to COVID-19, please visit PilieroMazza’s COVID-19 Client Resource Center.