Jon Williams was recently featured in the Public Spend Forum webinar, “Force Majeure? Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Government Contractor Impacted by COVID-19.”

With companies scrambling to interpret force majeure clauses within their commercial contracts in light of COVID-19, the session sought to answer the question: “What are the rights and responsibilities of companies in this current atmosphere, under their government contract terms?”

A video with Jon’s comments is available below. He addresses the questions:

  • In the federal contracting context, can you explain the concept of excusable delay?
  • Do 52.249-14 Excusable Delays apply to the current situation?
  • What immediate actions should vendors be taking today to protect themselves in the current environment?
  • How should companies that provide on-site contractor personnel to the government, including those working the in the classified setting, be treated in an environment where facilities are simply unavailable?

The full webinar is available on the Public Spend Forum website here.