PilieroMazza’s Kevin Barnett is a contributing author to the latest annual edition of Attorney-Client Privilege in the United States. Since the primary author Professor Paul Rice’s untimely death in 2012, Kevin and five other colleagues diligently collaborate to update annual editions of this invaluable work.  As a result, Attorney-Client Privilege in the United States  remains the most current and complete treatment of attorney-client privilege available and is routinely cited by U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals, state Supreme Courts, and other federal courts, including in the seminal D.C. Circuit case, In re Kellogg Brown & Root, Inc. 

Every client of every attorney, regardless of the legal advice or assistance sought, is subject to discovery demands that could reveal privileged information.  The purpose for attorney-client privilege is to encourage open communications between the attorney and client; this work provides instant access to the history, theory, and purpose of this privilege. 

Kevin routinely counsels clients on attorney-client privilege issues, including structuring investigations to preserve privilege protections and scope of government disclosures.

To access more information about the publication, please visit this link.  Topics include:

  • discussion of the history, theory, and purpose of the attorney-client privilege;
  • comprehensive examination of court interpretations regarding the privilege and its application; and
  • expert guidance in asserting, establishing, resolving, and appealing privilege matters.