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The unique regulatory landscape of government contracting makes it difficult for new or commercial businesses to enter the space and win prime contracts. Fortunately, the government has created several programs to assist companies looking to enter the federal market and expand their capabilities. This also allows larger, more established businesses to partner with and / or mentor newer companies in the space. There are, however, many requirements and regulations governing these types of arrangements.

Join Sam Finnerty and Meghan Leemon, attorneys in PilieroMazza’s Government Contracts Group, to learn requirements and capture planning strategies for teaming, subcontracting, joint ventures, and mentor-protégé agreements.

They’ll cover:

  • the advantages and disadvantages of each partnership in the federal arena;
  • limitations on subcontracting compliance considerations;
  • joint venture treatment with key RFPs; and
  • SBA’s recent mentor-protégé updates.