Recently, a large engineering firm retained PilieroMazza to assist the firm in acquiring a small government contractor. Acquisitions of government contractors present unique challenges, including recertification requirements and novation.  Attorneys in the firm’s Government Contracts practice group guided the client on these nuances, including assisting the company with the novation process – a complex and (normally) time-consuming process in which a government contractor seeks the government’s approval of the transfer of its assets associated with a government contract.
PilieroMazza’s Timothy Valley, an Associate in the firm’s Government Contracts Group, immediately stepped in to prepare the novation package, which the client submitted to the contracting officer on April 25, 2019.  On May 8, 2019, less than two weeks later, the novation package was approved — an unheard of turnaround time.  Mr. Valley’s meticulousness and care in preparing the novation package played a major role in the package being approved so quickly.  
Due to our substantial experience with the acquisitions of government contractors and their assets, attorneys in PilieroMazza’s Business & Transactions Law and Government Contracts  practice groups are uniquely qualified to assist clients during the novation process.  Our efficient and streamlined process reduces the likelihood that the government will raise red flags with the novation package, which in turn limits the impact on our client’s business operations.