Presented by Megan Connor and Julia Di Vito

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Session Description: You just received an unsuccessful offeror notice—now what? Do you have a right to a debrief? Should you file a protest right away? If the agency provides a debriefing, should you push for a debriefing in person, over the phone, or in writing? You may wonder what the agency can tell you about the procurement or when the debriefing will occur. Having a basic understanding of when a debriefing is required, what an offeror must do to receive one, and what the agency can and must tell the offeror will help you make the most of a debriefing.

Topics discussed included:

  • When a debriefing is required in both pre-award and post-award situations;
  • What is required when an agency conducts a debriefing;
  • New requirements for debriefings for Department of Defense procurements; and
  • How to maximize the debriefing to get the information you can use in a protest and for improving future proposals.