“Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement: DFARS Subgroup to the DoD Regulatory Reform Task Force, Review of DFARS Solicitation Provisions and Contract Clauses.” Federal Register, August 10, 2017. Retrieved from federalregister.gov

The Department of Defense published a proposed rule in the Federal Register seeking input on Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplements solicitation provisions and contract clauses that may be appropriate for repeal, replacement, or modification. The public comment period is extended to September 11, 2017. 

“Report to Congress Restructuring the Department of Defense Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Organization and Chief Management Officer Organization.” August 8, 2017. Retrieved from acq.osd.mil

The Department of Defense published a report reviewing and identifying recommended organizational and management restructuring of organizations: Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Organization, and Chief Management Officer. The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 included a provision (Sec. 901) requiring, among other things, that the Secretary of Defense conduct a review and submit a series of reports to the congressional defense committees on the organizational and management structure of the Department. The Report was due by August 2017.


“This Web-Building Tool Is the Target of Civilian Government’s First Bug Bounty.” Nextgov, August 9, 2017. Retrieved from nextgov.com

The General Service Administration’s (GSA) Technology Transformation Service program is the first fully-open civilian bug bounty program in government. Launched in May, the GSA program recruits freelance cybersecurity researchers to root out vulnerabilities in government tech systems. Similar pilot programs have been run by the Pentagon, Army and Air Force.