PilieroMazza Recently Submitted Testimony to the House Small Business Committee Regarding the HUBZone Program


Our law firm represents numerous small businesses operating across the government contracting spectrum, including many businesses that participate in the HUBZone program. We are strong proponents of the HUBZone program and its important and unique place among the federal government’s small business set-aside programs. In representing many HUBZone firms, we have seen first-hand how HUBZone firms benefit from participation in the HUBZone program and, in turn, provide positive impact and many benefits to the people living in underserved communities. However, we have also seen first-hand the challenges many HUBZone firms face to make lasting contributions through the HUBZone program as the HUBZone boundaries are frequently redrawn and the governing HUBZone law and regulations have become increasingly outdated.

Please click here to read the testimony in its entirety.

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