Strategic Moves: Key Tactics for Seamless 8(a) M&A Transactions

Date / Time:

March 11, 2024 / 4:00 pm PT

Event Type:



Las Vegas, Nevada


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Buying or selling a business is always a complex process, and it becomes even more complicated when the target company holds 8(a) contracts—either as a current participant in the SBA 8(a) program or as a graduate of the program with legacy 8(a) contracts. This panel will explore the specific regulatory requirements that govern the change in ownership of 8(a) contracts, as well as changes in control of companies with current or former 8(a) status. 

Join this panel of M&A legal advisors to learn how best to plan ahead for a transaction that involves 8(a) contracts and how this may impact enterprise valuation, regulatory submissions, and transaction structure and timeline. 

This panel will address:

  1. how best to structure your 8(a) company for a successful future exit;
  2. how to value 8(a) contract assets as an 8(a) or non-8(a) buyer;
  3. available options to finance an acquisition;
  4. strategies to mitigate risk in acquisitions of 8(a) companies; and
  5. tips for navigating the SBA waiver request process.