Unlocking the Secrets of Debriefings, Government Evaluation of Proposals and Protests

Date / Time:

November 21, 2024 / 9:00 am MT

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Colorado APEX Accelerator Event






Subject Matter Experts (SME), Katie Burrows and Eric Valle with PilieroMazza PLLC, will present briefings on what happens after your proposal is submitted, including how agencies evaluate your proposals and what they are looking for, what information you are entitled to in a debriefing and an overview of the protest process. Questions often asked are: What should we do after receipt of an unsuccessful offeror notice? Do we have a right to a debrief? Should we file a protest right away? If the agency provides a debriefing, should we push for a debriefing in person, over the phone, or in writing? What can the agency tell us during the debriefing? We filed a protest, now what? Having a basic understanding of when a debriefing is required, what an offeror must do to receive one, and what the agency can and must tell the offeror will help you make the most of a debriefing. This can give you insight into the agency’s evaluation of your proposal and whether a protest would be worth your time and money. This can also gives you tips for future proposals. Topics to be discussed include:

  • When a debriefing is required in both pre-award and post-award situations;
  • What the agency should be looking for when it evaluates your proposal;
  • What information is revealed during the debriefing and how to use it;
  • New requirements for debriefings for Department of Defense procurements;
  • How to maximize the debriefing to get the information you can use in a protest and for improving future proposals; and
  • An overview of the protest process.