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The False Claims Act remains an effective enforcement tool for the Justice Department, obtaining judgments over $10 Billion in the last three fiscal years combined. While the FCA remains the primary vehicle for the government to recover funds obtained by fraud or a material misrepresentation, what trends and mitigation strategies should government contractors know now to better prepare for FCA enforcement in the future?

Join Matt Feinberg and Jackie Unger—attorneys from PilieroMazza’s False Claims Act and Audits & Investigation teams—reveal key takeaways from the DOJ Annual Report for 2023 and describe how emerging trends can affect government contractors for 2024 and beyond.

They’ll discuss:

  • DOJ’s Annual Report on Fraud and FCA Recoveries for 2023;
  • notable recent cases and their potential impacts, including FCA cases decided by the Supreme Court in 2023;
  • FCA trends affecting government contractors, small businesses, and joint ventures;
  • DOJ’s primary areas of focus for 2024 and beyond; and
  • strategies to avoid FCA liability in light of the current state of the FCA.