NEW YORK, NY – MARCH 11, 2022: PilieroMazza Business & Transactions attorneys Kathryn Hickey and Dave Shafer joined client  WaveDancer, Inc. [WAVD] and its Chairman and CEO Jamie Benoit in ringing the closing bell at Nasdaq in New York City on March 3.   WaveDancer rang the closing bell to commemorate its listing on Nasdaq in November 2021. “We were honored to be a part of the incredible team that helped WaveDancer get to this point, and we are excited to be a part of their continued growth,” Kathryn said.  Kathryn and Dave led a team of PilieroMazza lawyers in representing WaveDancer in its December 2021 acquisition of Gray Matters, Inc., a developer of blockchain and encryption algorithm technology that offers supply chain management solutions.  

WaveDancer provides zero trust software solutions, specializing in secure supply chain management, as well as cutting edge IT network security to the government and the private sector.