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Labor and Employment Key Updates Virtual Class

October 25, 2017
The headlines might be all about the latest Tweet, but make no mistake, Trump’s Department of Labor, the Courts and Congress have been busy. During this webinar, we will be examining what has happened in the world of employment and labor law since President Trump took office.

The ABCs of SBICs

October 25, 2017
SBICs, or Small Business Investment Companies, offer a unique approach to private equity investment in small business contractors and most of the small businesses and investors we encounter have not heard of SBICs or are not very familiar with the program.

Getting to Yes: Understanding and Applying SCA and DBA Price Adjustments

November 1, 2017
The Service Contract Act & Davis Bacon Act provide for contractors to submit price adjustments for a contractor’s increased costs of compliance. The regulations may seem clear initially, experienced government personnel and contractors know how difficult it can be to determine the appropriate amount of a price adjustment leading to disputes and claims. Join us as we unpack the mysteries of price adjustments and develop strategies for successful review and processing of price adjustment requests.

Maximizing Market Value Prior to Sale

November 13, 2017
Every business owner dreams of growing their business and, one day, selling their company for a profit.  Whether it be for retirement, having the rush of building a new company (for you serial entrepreneurs) or simply taking a new direction in life.  The key to any deal is making sure you get the most value after tax for the company you have worked so hard to build.

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