Legal Advisor Newsletter – First Quarter 2019

Introducing PilieroMazza’s Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Practice Managing Cyber Risks in M&A Transactions Hackers Are No Match for Employee Missteps When Hackers Attack: Disclosure Obligations and Litigation Risks When You Suffer a Data Breach Data Breaches and Date Rights: How the Rights of You and Your Customers Are Impacted

Legal Advisor Newsletter – Fourth Quarter 2018

Special Corporate Issue You’ve Decided to Sell Your Business—How to Be Prepared to Execute the Deal Growing Pains: Growth Capital Sources and Considerations Seller Beware: 5 Tips to Keep Bad Employment Practices from Holding Up a Sale Not So Fast: Practical Considerations Before Novating Your GSA Schedule Contract

Legal Advisor Newsletter – Third Quarter 2018

In this issue: Current Trends in Federal Procurement How to Walk in the Valley of the Shadow of Death: Strategies for Mid-Tier Federal Contractors It’s Time to Tell Your Subcontract to Say “Aaah”: Before You Ink That Upcoming Subcontract, You Would Be Wise to Undergo a Check-up End of Fiscal Year Buying Season—Cash in with Your GSA Schedule

Legal Advisor Newsletter – Second Quarter 2018

Special Issue on Investigations The Mandatory Disclosure Rule: Mitigating Risk When the Requirement for Disclosure Is Not Clear Looking Inward: Internal Investigations of Potential False Claims Act Violations When the Law Comes A Callin’: A “How To” For Responding to Subpoenas and Document Requests Five Tips to Address Employee Complaints and Avoid Liability Cybersecurity Update

PilieroMazza Legal Advisor – Fourth Quarter 2015

In this Issue: More Small Business Subcontracting Plan Changes: SBA Proposes to Allow Subcontracting Plan Credit for Small Business Subcontractors at any Tier Mastering Price Adjustments for Increases in the Contractor Minimum Wage Happy New Year: As we begin the new fiscal year, government contractors need to identify risks that affect both revenue and costs. If You Snooze, You May Lose – Be Mindful of the Statutes of Limitations if You Intend to Enforce Your Rights in a Court of . . . Read More

PilieroMazza Legal Advisor – First Quarter 2016

In this Issue: Regulatory Issues for Acquisitions of Government Contracts by Non-U.S. Buyers Now Is the Time For Government Contracting Regulatory Compliance Reviews Supply Chain Cybersecurity Risk in Government Contracting DOL’s Changes to the Overtime Rules in 2016 Mean Employers Must Reevaluate Whether Employees are Entitled to Overtime