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Isaias "Cy"  Alba IV
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Mergers & Acquisitions – Overview of the M&A Process and Considerations for Government Contractors

As a business owner or key executive, at some point, you may consider whether the time is right to acquire another business, either its assets, including government contracts, or its equity, as a possible strategy to diversify your business. At another time, you may be considering whether to sell some of your company’s assets as part of an effort to divest yourself of business lines on which you no longer focus or to maintain your small business size status. Or, at the end of your company’s lifecycle, you may even be thinking about selling your entire company. It is always good to consider issues you should keep in mind when getting ready to be an acquisition target and sell your business or when evaluating another company that you may want to buy.
Join Cy Alba and Jonathan Bush for this informative webinar which will provide an overview of M&A transactions with a particular emphasis on the considerations that are unique to government contractors.  Topics to be discussed: 
  • Stages in an M&A Transaction
  • Structuring a deal – asset or stock
  • Due diligence issues
  • Government contract considerations  
    • Small business size Issues and affiliation
    • Recertification
    • Novation
 Date:  Wednesday, June 27, 2018
 Time:  2:00 pm to 3:00 pm ET
 Cost:  Free         

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Isaias "Cy"  Alba IV
Isaias "Cy" Alba IVSee Bio
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