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NLRB Proposes Rule to Limit Joint Employer Test: Small Businesses Beware

September 18, 2018
By Sarah L. Nash
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. The National Labor Relations Board ("NLRB") has taken this proverb to heart when it comes to implementing a new test for what it means to be a "joint employer" under the National Labor Relations Act. Following a failed attempt to change the standard through case law, the NLRB is now attempting to revise it by issuing a proposed rule.

Taking Advantage of State and Local Small Business Certifications

September 18, 2018
By Meghan F. Leemon
Many federal government contractors are familiar with certain federal certifications, such as small business, woman-owned small business, service-disabled veteran-owned small business, and the like, and the contract set-aside benefits that are associated with such socioeconomic designations. While some of these federal certifications may flow down to state and local procurements, many government contractors may also qualify for state and local certifications, which can generate more revenue outside of the ever-competitive federal government contracting marketplace.

How a CTA Can Help You Qualify for Government Contracts

September 17, 2018
By Julia Di Vito
You may have heard of Contractor Team Arrangements ("CTA") that can be used to pursue General Services Administration ("GSA") Schedule contract opportunities, but do you know how a CTA can maximize your ability to qualify for government contracts? CTAs are distinct from traditional prime contractor-subcontractor relationships and joint ventures, and they provide different methods for making your company a more attractive offeror.

How New Minimum Wage and Service Contract Act Health and Welfare Rates Apply to Your Contract

September 13, 2018
By Nichole D. Atallah
As we head into a busy proposal and award season, keep in mind some important changes to Service Contract Act ("SCA") wages and fringe benefits. In July, the Department of Labor ("DOL") issued revised SCA health and welfare ("H&W") benefit amounts, increasing the base rate from $4.41 per hour to $4.48 per hour. An H&W rate of $4.18 per hour is now applicable to employees performing work on contracts that include FAR 52.222-62, Sick Leave for Contractors. This rate takes into account that employers who are required to provide sick leave cannot count sick leave provided against the H&W benefit. Hawaii employers should look closely for special rates that apply to contracts performed there.

The 2019 NDAA Streamlines, Reorganizes, and Redefines

August 30, 2018
By Timothy F. Valley
Title VIII—Acquisition Policy, Acquisition Management, and Related Matters of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019 ("2019 NDAA") includes a number of changes to the Department of Defense ("DoD") acquisition statutes and the definition of commercial items. These changes appear to be in direct response to the recommendations from the Section 809 Panel (the "Panel") reports from January and June of 2018. In its reports, the Panel noted the sometimes cumbersome and unnecessary complexity of the DoD acquisition system and the confusion surrounding the definition of commercial items.
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