Common Scenarios Triggering False Claims Act Violations, Part 2: Construction and Workforce Issues

Date / Time:

October 1, 2024 / 12:00 pm ET

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Public Contracting Institute (PCI) Event




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In the second installment of our three-part webinar series, join PilieroMazza’s Matt FeinbergJessica duHoffmann, and Sarah Nash as they explore common FCA triggers often encountered by federal construction contractors and protection strategies to avoid them. Federal construction contractors—both primes and subs—should be wary as they face a higher risk of FCA liability due to the complicated nature of construction contracts, prevailing wage obligations, and performance of work requirements. PilieroMazza attorneys are seeing a substantial increase in investigations dealing with construction contracts, even mentor-protégé relationships where contractors believe they have a blanket exemption from affiliation.

Learning objectives include:

  • How does the FCA relate to construction contractors?
  • How do joint ventures and mentor-protégé relationships increase risk?
  • What are the real-world examples of FCA cases against construction firms?
  • What are the strategies for protecting your company from an FCA claim?