Affiliation in the Context of SBA Loans, Guidance for Venture Capital Investors

In this guidance document published by the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA), “Affiliation in the Context of SBA Loans, Guidance for Venture Capital Investors,”  PilieroMazza ’s Kathryn Hickey offers key takeaways for venture capital investors concerned about SBA affiliation rules in the context of SBA loans. To access the full article, please visit this  link . Ms. Hickey is Chair of the Firm’s  Business & Transactions Group , where she assists clients primarily in general business, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital and private equity investments, and commercial contracting. . . . Read More

Jon Williams Authors Article for Federal News Network: If VA Builds Warehouse, Distribution Capabilities for Sleep Therapy, Better Patient Care Will Not Come

Jon Williams was recently published in Federal News Network with an article on a flawed insourcing strategy by the VA for critical medical devices. In February 2019, Jon wrote in Federal News Network about the VA’s plans to insource the warehousing and distribution of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices and related supplies that are used to treat a rapidly-growing number of veterans with respiratory disabilities. While VA’s goal to improve veteran healthcare in sleep therapy is laudable, Jon wrote about why . . . Read More

Unique Considerations for Transactions Involving Government Contractors

M&A transactions involving government contractors carry several regulatory and industry-specific considerations that can materially impact all aspects of the deal—from high-level structuring considerations to risk allocation for compliance issues to additional administrative checklist items. If neglected or overlooked, they can result in major headaches. This article outlines certain key issues that practitioners should consider in transactions involving government contractors. For the full article, please see the attached at pages 25-26.